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Keeper Leagues

Build A Dynasty

You know the routine. You draft a team. You cruise the waiver wire. You wheel and deal at the trade table. You have a fun season, and maybe you even win a game or two along the way.

Then what?

Answer: Repeat.

Play in a FantasyBowl keeper league, and you'll have the chance to do just that. After each season, you'll select three players from your roster to carry over to the next season. And the next season...and the next season... Don't stop there—play as many seasons as you want. It really is your dynasty.

See Keeper League rules and scoring


All Keeper Leagues

Entry Fees
Annual Fee $50
Year 1 Deposit +$15
Year 3 Deposit Refund -$15
Join a League
League Champ $250
Runner-up $100
Third Place $50
Toilet Bowl Champ $10
Total Prizes $410

Orphaned Teams

Entry Fees
Year 1 Entry Fee $25
Year 1 Deposit +$15
Year 3 Deposit Refund -$15
Adopt a Team
Before Purchase
See 2017 draft position
See 2016 roster
After Purchase
Select three keepers
Participate in draft (optional)

More Info

Expand Your Comfort Zone

Keeper leagues give you the chance to build a team for the ages. Maybe it takes you an age to build that team, but what if your team for the ages stays a team for the ages...for ages?

Keeper leagues are more fun and a bigger challenge—and they're a different kind of challenge. Will your tried-and-true draft strategy hold up? That rookie running back you'd usually let slide just might be the next A.P.—probably not this year, of course...but what about next year?

Also, you'll get to compete against the same group of people year after year. You'll build better rivalries and talk more trash. Dare I say you might even make a friend or two!

What If I Suck?

Well, yeah, that happens sometimes. Don't worry—remember, you'll only carry three players over from year to year. Chances are even the worst team has three good players to build around.

To help you build around your three keepers, you'll also get a draft position the following season that is based on your team's record. The teams that failed to make the playoffs get to draft before the teams that did make the playoffs. The team that won the championship drafts last. Also, your draft position stays the same for every round—meaning no snaking draft positions every other round like in regular drafts. If you've got the first pick in the first round, you've got the first pick in every round!

Fees and Deposits

You'll pay a $50 annual entry fee, and we'll pay out the prize money annually. You'll put down a $15 keeper deposit along with your first-year entry fee, and we'll return that deposit on your third-year entry fee. For all seasons after your third, you'll pay only the annual entry fee. If you fail to return to the league for the second or third season, you'll forfeit the $15 keeper deposit.

Year Fees Total
Year 1 $50 entry + $15 deposit $65
Year 2 $50 entry $50
Year 3 $50 entry – $15 deposit refund $35
Year 4+ $50 entry (annually) $50

Orphaned Teams

Whenever a team owner in a keeper league opts out of a league, his team becomes an orphan. You can pick up (adopt!) an orphan at a 50% discount on the first year entry fee!

The shrewd shopper will find some pretty nice bargains in the orphan bin. Even poor teams will have at least a couple players worth keeping—and a high draft position to boot! You'll get to see every orphaned team's draft position and its entire roster before you decide which team to adopt. After you've adopted an orphaned team, you'll get to select which three players you'll keep for the new season, and then you'll get to participate in the live, online draft.